Bellwood is a pleasant suburban community of over 20,000 residents located 13 miles west of Chicago’s Loop.
Convenient transportation is one of the advantages of Bellwood. Located at the juncture of routes 290 (Eisenhower Expressway) and 294 (Tri-State Tollway) Bellwood is easily accessible from north, south, east, and west. Commuting to Chicago is facilitated by direct service of the Union Pacific Railroad O’Hare airport is located 13 miles north of Bellwood, a quick 20 minute trip.

Bellwood residents cite excellent village services; solid, affordable housing stock; and fine police protection as three factors which make Bellwood an attractive community. The local school system, which features computers for kindergarten students; a well-stocked public library; and a vibrant park district also contribute to Bellwood’s image as a good place to live.


Population: 20,235 (2000)
Size: 2.3 square miles
Date of Incorporation: May 21, 1900
Boundaries: North-Union Pacific Railroad tracks
South-Eisenhower Expressway
East- 22nd Avenue
West- 53rd Avenue
Government Type: Village Mayor, Board of Trustees
Distance to Loop: 13 miles (30 minutes during peak travel time)
Distance to O’Hare: 13 miles
Average Home Value: $154,900 (2000)
Total Housing Units: 6,683
Single Unit- 76.3%
Two or more units- 23.7%
Average Resident Age: 32.3
Average Household Income: $57,037 (2000)
Water: Bellwood uses Lake Michigan water